Line spacing

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Line spacing

As with word and letter spacing our tests with different versions of line spacing did not reveal any statistically significant results, but once again the children's comments about the different versions were very interesting.

Over three quarters of the children could see differences of some kind at some level. 9 of these 17 correctly referred to the line spacing as the reason for the difference they saw. Others thought they saw differences in factors such as type size, type weight, ease of content and quantity of text.

This suggests that while beginner readers may not be consciously aware of line spacing, it does nevertheless influence their perception of text in subtle ways.

The children's comments suggesed that line spacing comparable to our normal or wide versions is likely to be the most acceptable for the majority. 


Line spacing: very closeLine spacing: very close


Line spacing: closeLine spacing: close


Line spacing: normalLine spacing: normal


Line spacing: widestLine spacing: widest